URGENT: Here’s What Facebook Is Now Doing To Those Who Criticize Islam- Please Share!

Facebook Censorship
Facebook censorship

Users of social media beware because Facebook has taken censorship a bit further recently. It has never been a big surprise that they are a super liberal media outlet. The trending topics are almost always anti Trump and Cruz. Well anti anything conservative. FB is most certainly pro Sanders and Clinton. If it is on the liberal agenda then Facebook backs it.

The social media giant begun banning any post that are or perceived to be anti-lslam If you post anything that is not “politically correct” enough then Facebook will not only delete the post but start enforcing bans.

Today we bring you a meme that Facebook deleted and has decided is totally against their community standards policies.



They seem to really hate anything posted that has the slightest bit of truth behind it. Americans shouldn’t buy into this brainwashing liberal crap Facebook is forcing on the population. It’s time for king of social media to know that WE can not be censored.

The hashtag #weareNOTmusIim is beginning to really catch on. Americans that are concerned about our country’s future are standing up in any small way to show Zuckingturd that they are tired on this liberal loving crap while conservatives are slandered and mocked all over the social media site.

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