Malia Obama’s Dirty Little Secret Is About to Leak, and the White House is in a PANIC

Malia Obama Dirty Secret
Malia Obama Dirty Secret

Lollapaloozaa and brawling at the age of 16. Internship on a Hollywood set. Beer pong parties not long after.  This is the age appropriate lifestyle of the First Family’s eldest daughter Malia. What kind of life is that? It is the life of a celebutard’s kid. Many celebrities raise their children in a responsible manner and you never hear about them partying it up like this. Then there are those celebrity children who consistently make the news for less than stellar behavior. Yet, the Obama’s clearly have been letting loose the reins when it comes to parenting. While it is not one parent’s place to question the rearing practices of another, as long as there is no abuse, it is not outside of the realm of reason to ask ourselves WTF when it comes to some of what we see amongst our parenting kin.

Malia Obama’s Dirty Secret Leaked White House In A Panic

The Obama’s are not celebrities. They are the POTUS and FLOTUS and yes, they are different. Certainly, they live lavishly—on our dime. Malia is on the edge of adulthood and poor choices are being allowed to be made by her, and her parents when it comes to her safety. The really, really, really sad thing, is that at least with the Bush twins and infamous party pics, they at least looked like they were having a good time. Malia looks sad. She forces a smile every now and then, and there are moments of joy, but for the most part, she just looks really unhappy. She looks like she thrives in her parents’s company, and for that they should be commended, considering the age of rebellion. With respect to her social sphere, this age should be best time of her life, and she should be making stupid choices, but not the kind that could land her in jail or worse.

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Malia Obama’s Dirty Secret Leaked White House In A Panic

That said, where is the Secret Service? Have they truly been tasked with letting this behavior carry on? If so, her parents have failed her in more ways than one. No wonder she doesn’t look very happy. Surrounding by security, life in the spotlight, showered in extravagance with tens of thousands of dollars in ball gowns, a car for her birthday, a Sidwell education, living in the White House, and yet the poor child just looks lonely.

An Obama or not she does not deserve to be so sad.

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