BREAKING: lSlS Agent In Minnesota BUSTED In CHILLING Plot to Attack America


    lSlS is in America, and they are smuggling terrorists through the Mexico border.

    According to a Shoebat referenced report:

    “One of the American men accused in Minnesota of trying to join the Islamic State group wanted to open up routes from Syria to the U.S. through Mexico, prosecutors said.”

    Guled Ali Omar intended to smuggle in ISIS from south of the border and we all know how easy that would be, and probably is. Let’s face it, with 11-Million+ illegal aliens already in this country, there is probably more than a handful more who are lSlS.

    Omar apparently had at least three, who were in or trying to get in.

    “The men — Omar, 21; Hamza Naj Ahmed, 21; Mohamed Abdihamid Farah, 22; and Abdirahman Yasin Daud, 22 — have pleaded not guilty to multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit murder outside the U.S. Prosecutors have said they were part of a group of friends in Minnesota’s Somali community who held secret meetings and plotted to join the Islamic State group.Five other men have pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to support a foreign terrorist organization. A tenth man charged in the case is at-large, believed to be in Syria.”

    There you have it folks…the establishment of the Obama Caliphate is underway. We are being disarmed, having our freedom of speech revoked, subject to illegal search and seizure via the NSA documenting our every move via smart technology, and lSlS waltzes over our borders and into our neighborhoods. Awesome. Smell the putrid stench of America rotting away.

    This does not even include the Mexican drug cartels, equally provocative in terms of their violent onslaught of Christians and comparable only to ISIS. The cartels operate on both side of the border, in broad daylight. They are not limited to the CA, AZ, NM, and TX border lands, but as far north as Chicago.

    America is slipping away to the control of Cartel Caliphate, and it won’t be long before those two go at each other’s throats in fighting over control of the rest of us. Do you plan stand firm and fight or curl up into a ball and roll with it?

    H/T [Shoebat]

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