The military institution The Citadel, located in South Carolina, has been in existence for almost 200 years. In 1996, it began accepting women resulting in about 170 women graduating. It is rooted deep in history and tradition. It has a reputation for being the toughest military college in the world with extremely strict rules on behavior, dress code, and standards along with loyalty to the to the corps before self. It is not easy to get admitted, so those that do are some extremely lucky and privileged kids (not the white privilege kind). You can read more about their policies HERE.

With that in mind, The Citadel recently admitted a muzzie woman. On her first day, she requested that she be allowed to wear her hijab due to her 1slamic ideology.


The Citadel’s clothing restrictions can be found HERE. See page 16-17 for examples of allowable headgear. The hijab is not listed as acceptable headgear.



Also note, their PT uniforms (above) are shorts and t-shirts. So how is this muzzie woman going to swing that issue? What happens when she has to go through water survival training? Will she demand in the name of allah she be allowed to wear a Burqini?



Nick Pinelli a soon-to-be Citadel graduate, posted on his Facebook page:

Today, I was called a bigot. Someone who lives a few doors down from me asked me if I, “could not be a bigot for a few hours this morning.” She asked me this while I was engaged in a dialogue with a few of my friends here at the Citadel. She was taking issue with the content of our conversation, and concluded I was a bigot because of it.

Let me fill you in.

Currently, the Citadel is exhausting resources and man-hours to accommodate a woman who will be attending this school next semester. She will be the first cadet authorized to wear a ḥijāb, as well as full body covering when the uniform does not conceal the entirety of her body. Time and money is now being spent figuring out how the Citadel can alter rules and regulations to accommodate her needs. The school is even exhausting resources to research which company to place her in, so they ensure she is in the most accepting company in the Corps. No final decisions have been made, but time and effort are being consumed, nonetheless.

To read the rest of his statement, CLICK HERE.

In the history of The Citadel, there has never been a request to alter the uniform worn by men and women. A spokeswoman for The Citadel said this is the first time ever in almost 200 years. Most students, alumni and other’s who weighed in, absolutely do not support this. Rightly so.

This is further infiltration of 1slamic sand rats pushing their ideology on American values. Unfortunately, they tend to win. Not all muzzies will strap on a vest of explosives; however, all muzzies have a purpose in the destruction of non-muzzies around the world. They all do. Even your nice neighbor who is muzzies. Each one plays a part in one of the most strategic plans the world has ever known. All awhile, most of the world does not see it. Some kill. Some harbor those who kill. Some offer support in various means to those who kill, while never engaging in murderous acts themselves.

However, the biggest way that muzzies are destroying us and the rest of the world is by invading under false pretenses and using our laws against us. Weekly, we hear stories of this happening. Lawsuits (1slamic Jizya). Pushing for indoctrination in schools we pay for. Building mosques weekly in neighborhoods around the country. Taking over entire towns and forcing non-muzzie, lifelong, residents to flee. Fighting in courts to ensure sharia law is allowed. And on and on and on. Unfortunately, in most cases, it works because Americans and our leadership have become a bunch of p*ssies afraid to hurt other’s feelings. Most Americans refuse to educate themselves on what 1slam truly is and what the muzzie agenda is and just listen to blowhard talking heads falsely educating you while you sit there and eat it up.

At the end of the day, if someone calls themselves a muzzie, they are your enemy, even if they do not plan to blow themselves up in your presence. They are still part of the evil, murderous and sexual predators that the 1islamic community is.

Educate yourselves now and take up a call to denounce islam in America; otherwise, you are part of the problem.



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