Pastor Jordan Brown of Open Doors church in Austin, Texas, who is homosexual, ordered a cake that was to read, “Love Wins.” He received and paid for his cake, as ordered. When he got to his vehicle he took another look at his cake, and upon closer inspection, the word, “Fag” was observed below “Love Wins.” How could he miss that given it is front and center on the cake?

He contacted the store and says he spoke with a Jeff Nunez  who was “extremely apologetic” and that he was asked to keep the situation between them and to “not reach out to anybody.”  Rather than keep the situation in confidence, as a normal man of the cloth would, he opted to post his story to YouTube.  Pastor Brown has since lawyered-up and decided to sue Whole Foods.

The market looked into it, called him back, and said they did not do this.  Whole Foods is now suing Pastor Brown for damages to the tune of $100-Thousand. They claim their surveillance footage shows the barcode on the top of the box at the checkout, as that is the location the clerk pointed the scanner wand. That is certainly what looks to be the case, although the footage is a bit sketchy.

Surely this story will remain in the news for a while and it will be interesting to learn if the Pastor broke the Commandment about bearing false witness and thus serves two masters, or if he is telling the truth. Either way, somebody is deceitful.

H/T [The Blaze]

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