URENT: Terrorists Planning BEACH MASSACRES This Summer: Here Are the Locations


Surprise! Our favorite radical Jihadist group, I-S-I-S has plans for your summer break. The group of devil-spawned nut-job psychopaths has decided to impersonate EU refugees. In other words, they plan to act like themselves and attack Spanish, French, and Italian resorts, according to African intelligentsia, as reported by The Mirror.

The Jihadists plan to sell tourist souvenirs and food to beachgoers before they light the beaches up. Quite literally, as the freaks intend to lace sun beds with explosives, detonate suicide vests in crowds,  and send themselves to the great Allah tent kingdom in the sky where 72 virgins (animal, vegetable, mineral…your call), will be waiting.

Yet, the EU keeps importing more of these kinds of people. Among the masses, no doubt many are just looking to start a new life away from the nightmare that is radical Islam. Unfortunately, among that throng are Jihadists. You would think the millions of “moderate” Muslims would get their evil-doers in check or, even better, kill them. Unfortunately, they don’t. They are a fearful and cowardly people who do absolutely nothing to stop the madness.

It only takes one Jihadist to commit a deadly terrorist attack. When you get a terror-cell involved, the consequences can be extraordinary as we have seen in Paris, Brussels, Mumbai, and even Turkey. Think twice about heading to a European beach, or at least go armed and prepared to defend yourself and others.

With Obama’s Jihad on America, ISIS will be coming to a neighborhood, shopping mall, stadium, beach, theater and any other venue near you. How disgusting we have to live like this. America is supposed to be the land of the free—not the land of the fearful. 2A people. It’s all we got at this point.

H/T [Young Conservatives]

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