MEDIA BLACKOUT: What the BLM did to Cliven Bundy’s Ranch Will ASTONISH YOU


Everybody’s favorite rancher to hate, Cliven Bundy, was effectively raped by the Bullies of Land Management, back in 2014. This video should serve as a reminder as to why the man took the stand that he did.

“They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week,” said a Bundy rancher friend.

These “stewards” of our public land slaughtered his cattle. A prize bull was shot five times. Another was shot in a holding pen.   Like the thug vandals they are, the BLM destroyed his fences, water tanks and water lines.  It’s a wonder they didn’t go all-out gang-banger, since that is what each of them were, and “tag” his property, too.

Our federal land managing agencies are out of control. This is not isolated to Nevada. This kind of terrorism is happening in Utah, Oregon, and Texas to name but a few.

Pay attention people.

While there may have been some leasing paperwork snafus along the way, the BLM had no right, whatsoever, to slaughter animals and destroy Bundy’s property. They have no right to seize Texas cattle rancher’s land. They have no right to encircle Utah ranchers with rings of fire, trapping cattle, and burning ranchers out.

They should all be in prison.

H/T [Western Journalism]

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