Man Yelling “Allah Willing” on Plane gets Kicked off Flight, Now He’s Claiming Islamophobia


All right all you Muslims out there, time to pay attention. Don’t get on an airplane flight and start chanting “Insha Allah” over and over.  That means “Allah Willing.” Considering it is your culture that has brought a tidal flow of blood across the globe amid the scream-chanting of “Allahu Akbar,” it is only natural when we hear you invoke your god’s name in a public space that we get a bit worked up.

Mr. Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a UC Berkeley student, decided to ask for Allah’s mercies just prior to the take-off of his jumbo-jet flight home from meeting UN Secretary General and Islamo panderer extraordinaire, Ban Ki-Moon. Of course, as we all recall it was the Allahu Akbar crowd that killed 3,000+ people on 9/11 courtesy of….jumbo jets. It is that same crowd who continues to terrorize the world.

Khairuldeen meant no harm;  “I just called him and talked to him about it and everything, and he told me (to) call him when I get to Oakland, and I said, insha’Allah insha’Allah (God willing), I will call you when I arrive.’ And during the conversation a lady was staring at me,” he told CNN.

Who wouldn’t be staring?

The woman sitting next to him left her seat and went and found authorities. Within two-minutes his jack-A** was pulled off the plan. “One guy came with police officer within two minutes—I can’t believe how fast they were—and told me to get off the plane,” he whined.  Of course, the agent who deplaned him was “aggressive,” and “not nice.”

For his part, Khairuldeen can’t speak Arabic, and asked the agent, who apparently could, to speak English. “I felt oppressed. I was afraid.”

Well, welcome to your culture a**hole!

Your people did this. Do not blame Americans, or anybody else for their “high alert” status when it comes to your people, your manner or dress, your language, your actions, and your vocal Allah worshiping prayer. You should know better, and if you were any kind of American you would.

Let’s hope this guy landed himself on a watch list and NEVER flies the friendly skies again.

H/T [Western Journalism]

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