VIRAL VIDEO: Dad Knocks Thug OUT COLD After Insulting His Daughter


Now this is a feel good story if I’ve ever seen one, of a father protecting their young. We see it everyday in many places as we travel our routes and often we look away from domestic quarrels. Luckily on this particular, day someone took out their phone and captured the video. You can clearly see that 25-year-old man had a few drinks while enjoying a coastal retreat. After the young punk disrespected his daughter, the father quickly steps in an effort to resolve the conflict.  All is good and well until he calls the his daughter and others a c***. What the father does next is quite self explanatory. Young men take this as a harsh warning next time you intend on disrespecting a woman and remember that before you open your mouth that the young lady may have a father who will not have it.

H/T [news.groopspeak]

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