LOL!!! How This Man’s Lunch Will Keep Him From Seeing His 72 Virgins


Whoops! You ever get some take out and realize, once home, that you got the wrong item? Do you go ballistic? Probably not. You might call up the place and let them know they need to pay better attention. We are talking about nut allergies, lactose intolerance, other allergies, and oh my the horror of horrors, meat in a veggie-bun.

That is what happened to this fella. He picked up a bag of ready-to-go cheese and onion buns, and took them home. The only problem was when Shamrez Razaq bit into one and got a mouthful of pork. You see, Razaq is a Muzzie and pork is a no-no. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Muzzie population has been acting overwhelmingly like a bunch of holier-than-thou a**holes of late, we wouldn’t be laughing. Unfortunately for them, that is not the case. So, meh. Who cares?

Let’s just say he freaked out. “For centuries my ancestors have not eaten pork,” he claims. That’s true. They eat goats when they aren’t butchering their captive’s children, cooking them and feeding them back to their mothers. One has to wonder if they partake in the feast themselves. After all, we are talking radical devil-spawned and demonic Islamists over in the 7th century sand box of the Middle East waging war on the infidel and their own people. Nut jobs, plain and simple.

So, yeah he was a bit put off. Then comes the not-so veiled threat. “It was a bad mistake of Morrison’s, especially to  make in the Girlington area which has such a huge Muzzie population. It’s unforgivable.

Oh, and he will “never forget,” the nightmarish and egregious act, the mistake, made by the bakery. Of course, the Muzzies were “mislead.” How can they ever trust the bakery again?

What, your nose doesn’t work? You couldn’t smell the meat in the bun? The store made a mistake. It happens. Bake your own, or open a Muzzie Halal bakery and cook up all the goat cheese and onion buns you want, then you won’t have to be worried about being “mislead.” You can continue to mislead the rest of the world with your Taqiyya lies about being peaceful and moderate. The kind of peaceful and moderate that threatens a bun maker baker for mislabeling a bag of rolls.


H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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