Obama Admin Announces Men Should Be Able to PEE Next to Your Daughter


Welcome to the 21st century…The 2015 victory on same sex marriage has lunged into center stage as the national debate continues over the rights of transgender people. Most recently, North Carolinas HB2 Bill brought forth an array of government officials, celebrities, as well as large corporations who have now vowed not to do business until the bill is overturned, which would allow transgenders to use the bathrooms they “identify with.”

Many believe that these men and women playing dress should have access to female restrooms and locker room facilities. Not their own private facilities, but allowed to mingle with the opposite anatomy of others. Federal agencies are now looking and considering cutting federal funding to states who choose to adopt such a bill. White House press secretary Josh Earnest recently discussed the issue saying, “This is a good illustration that the fight for civil rights is not over.”


Earnest continued:

 “The president, every time, is going to be on the side of equality and fairness and justice for every American.”

Well thank goodness November 8th is fast approaching. Lets hope before then, the Supreme Court won’t step in and silently invoke yet another federal law overturning once again the will of the people. As a resident and native of the great state of North Carolina, I stand with governor Pat McCrory, and if we must stand alone on this matter nationally, then so be it. But I also insist that if companies as well as others insist on continuing to bully our legislation process, then they need to stay out once the dust has settled. North Carolinas state motto is quite suitable for the current topic… “Esse Quam Videri” (To be, rather than to seem).


H/T [Nancy Hayes]

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