[VIDEO] Paris BEING OVERRUN: Rapeugees RIOT as Police Scramble to Gain Control


Europe has been completely overrun with violent refugees and they seem to be having a difficult time getting things under control. Riot police were recently called in to break up a violent uproar between hundreds migrants and ‘vigilante group’ in Paris near a metro station.

Video has been released of hundreds of men fighting at the Stalingrad metro station with metal poles, chunks of wood and broken bottles. The riot police were forced to deploy teargas on the unruly and vicious crowd.

When police arrived they were assaulted by the homeless migrants and the anti-crime brigade. As seen in the video the chaos was unreal. Police struggled feverishly to control the hundreds in the streets fighting.


It has been reported that nearly 1,000 migrants from Africa and the Middle East have arrived just in this month alone. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had announced earlier this month in a joint statement with Paris Mayor Anne that the migrant camp be removed. The migrants returned within two weeks with makeshift mattresses and set up camp once again.


H/T[Zero Hedge]


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