HILARIOUS JOKE: An American, Italian and a Jihadist Go To Hell….


This gave me such a big laugh that I figured I would share it with you all.

An American mobster, an Italian mafioso, and a Muslim terrorist die and find themselves in the pits of hell.

They’re approached by a demon that says “Before I let you in, I’ll let you make one phone call so you can tell your relatives not to follow your path in life. You’ll each have to pay for the phone call.”

The American makes his call and afterwards, the demon says “Alright, that’ll be $500.” He reaches into his wallet and gives him all the cash he has.

Next up is the Italian, who makes his call and is charged the same $500. He takes out his wallet and pays the equivalent in Euros.

Lastly, the Muslim terrorist makes a call back home to Afghanistan. After he’s done, the demon looks at him and says “That’ll be 10 cents.”

Both the American and Italian look at each other and complain “That’s not fair! We just paid $1000 and that guy paid 10 cents? What gives?!”

The demon explains: “Both your calls were international. His call was local. ”

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