INFILTRATION: The Citadel, a SC Military College Will Now Conform to SHARIA LAW

The Citadel is a 174-year-old premiere military Institution in South Carolina, and is once again in the spotlight. The private military school is now being asked to conform with a freshman cadet’s request to wear religious attire while in uniform. After being accepted into the college’s program, an unidentified cadet has submitted a request that she be allowed to where her traditional hijab while in uniform. Of course, the truth is that the Department of Defense has been encouraging this in Afghanistan, making our female Soldiers cover up in accordance with 1slamic tradition and in 2011. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Larry Stubblefield outlined the new exception procedure in a Dec. 19 letter to CAIR.


“Based on your concerns, the Army has reviewed its JROTC uniform policy and will develop appropriate procedures to provide Cadets the opportunity to request the wear of religious head dress, such as the turban and hijab. This change will allow Miss Zawity and other students the chance to fully participate in the JROTC program. Additionally, a representative from the U.S. Army Cadet Command will contact Miss Zawity and provide her the opportunity to rejoin the Ravenwood High School JROTC unit.

So lets keep in mind that this young lady is bringing nothing new to the table, and is simply exercising her right as permitted by our Dept. of Defense. More than likely I can assure you she WILL BE granted the request as The Citadel is a ROTC program. Currently the US Army does not allow female soldiers to wear hijab while in uniform, although it does permit them to do such when out of uniform. Their male counterparts serving in our armed forces have been granted the right to wear turbans, and maintain their beards while in uniform.
The Citadel is no stranger to the challenges facing institutions in what some call it the “New America” and its fight to conform to equality at every level imaginable. Back in 1995, they found themselves in the national spot light when Shannon Faulkner became the first woman to enter The Citadel, and once again in 2015 when 14 cadets were disciplined for simply dressing up as ghosts. The freshman were ordered by upperclassmen to sing Christmas carols for a “Ghosts of Christmas Past” skit while they were dressed in the costumes. Of the 14 one was dismissed, two suspended and the others faced on campus punishments because the the ghost costumes resembled that of a Klu Klux Klan outfit.  So of course the outrage of this incident shouldn’t come as a surprise to most.
Citadel Jihab imageThe question we have to ask ourselves as we watch our military, its personnel, and its institutions in the scope of today’s current outcry for “equality and fairness” is:
where and how do we draw the line and distinguish Americans and patriots from passive terrorists both domestically and abroad?
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