A new veil has been lifted on the clusterfck, the federally run VA is. It is federal policy that veterans are to be given preference in hiring government-wide, including the VA. Obviously, a veteran has to be qualified for the job; however, their applications are suppose to be looked at first.

It has come out, via an in-depth Daily Caller investigation, that the VA is not following this federal policy and actually bypassing applications of veterans. Although the VA will outwardly deny this. According to the VA, they claim that a third of the people hired are veterans. One-third. Further, only 13% of VA hospital executives are veterans, which at the end of the day pretty much is ensuring that vets have no say in policy or the ability to make changes within the VA. Within the VA, there is what is called ‘Title 38’ positions which is the pay-grade for doctors working at the VA. Most of the executives have worked their way through the ranks and are bureaucrats and again, only 13% are veterans.

There are numerous stories about experienced vets applying for higher level jobs, such as doctors, dentists and executives and repeatedly being turned down. For example:

Retired Navy Seal officer Gilberto Serrano, told TheDCNF he applied for “at least 20” jobs at the VA. He has two master’s degrees, a background in finance at major corporations, and spent three years volunteering doing financial analyses for the Puerto Rico VA. 

But VA turned him down for an assistant director job and every other full-time job down to the clerk level.

“When I would apply for something as simple as clerk, they would say I didn’t qualify, without saying why,” Serrano told TheDCNF.

Many are offered menial jobs, such as janitor which helps the VA meet it’s hiring goal for vets. Among the 3,000 positions available, there are only a few hundred positions accepting applications from veterans only. Those are jobs with no skills required such as janitor and housekeeping, an $11 -13/hour job. The rest of the jobs are being advertised to current federal employees and union workers.

Despite federal rules, there is a clause in the VA’s agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees which overrides federal requirements. In that agreement it says that the VA requires current federal employees to get first and full consideration BEFORE veterans. To read a more in-depth investigation about this issue, please visit the Daily Caller HERE.

It is believed that most of the non-vets being hired are union-backed which should explain a lot of the hiring practices. Also, it is believed that hiring veterans would put the VA at risk because a vet would be more likely to turn into whistleblowers while working amongst a very broken and corrupt VA.

Richard Hill, a 20 year VA doctor said,

“The leadership believes the VA exists for them and their staff. The veterans are just a nuisance. Employees, especially doctors and nurses who are themselves veterans, identify with the veterans and cause trouble. It is that simple.”

The DCNF has talked with many veterans over this issue and continually, the vets say they want to take the reins of the VA so they can actually fix the issues and improve the help veterans need. It wont happen as that would mean that the top level assholes would be removed from their high paying federal salaries. To read a an in-depth report on this issue, visit the Daily Caller HERE.

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At the end of the day, we all know the VA is severely fked up. It needs to be privatized and most if not all positions should be filled by vets. After all, the vets are the ones who understand what other vets go through and have gone through.

When the VA is not killing vets, they are actively and purposely stalling the success of vet’s success in life after sacrificing everything to serve. Our next president must make this a top priority!


[H/T Daily Caller]

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