HELL YEAH! Somalia Showed THE WORLD the Proper way to Deal With Terrorists


Somalia doesn’t put up with terrorists the way Barrack Obama does, which was proven recently when a Somalian judge changed the sentencing of two terrorists who went on a killing rampage.

Two al-Shabaab terrorist were given life in prison after they killed a journalist, a wife and mother of seven children. The two idiotic terrorist appealed their sentencing of life in prison. They stood before the court and pleaded their case. Begging like the spineless dogs that they are. The judge after much consideration on everything they said and presented decided that they were absolutely correct. Life in prison was not a fitting sentence to the terroristic crimes they had committed and they the punishment was unfair. Unfair to the family and unfair to the public.

The two al-Shabaab Jihadist.

The judge changed there sentence to something far more fitting, sentencing the two to be tied up to wooden post and to stand before the firing squad. This judge handed down the justice that was deserved when most of the rest of the world turns a blind eye and makes excuses for these worthless pieces of shit.

The two al-Shabaab Jihadist awaiting their end.
Journalist Hindiyo Jaji Mohamed

The terrorist had targeted the journalist, Hindiyo Jaji Mohamed’s husband four years prior and were successful in murdering him. Hindiyo raised the couples seven children alone and kept up with her career in journalism until recently when the two dirt bags laced her car with explosives. Hindiyo later died at the hospital, leaving her seven children orphaned.


Not that long ago another Jihadist executed the same way. He was a journalist turned Jihadist whom executed five of his co-workers.

Somalia reportedly has a whopping 99.8% Muslim population. It is no surprise that they also have an insane amount of Jihadist.

Think about that for a minute. Now think about Barrack Obama’s brings in approximately 700 Somalian refugees a month to just wait for the right time to mount an attack on the people of America.

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