STOLEN VALOR: Fat Bitch With Purple Hair Wants you to Believe She’s in the 101st Airborne Division


Hey valor-stealing asswipes…here’s a tip for you: If you’re going to attempt to fool the world that you’re actually in the military, at least look the part. Like maybe pick up a copy of an AR670-1 and familiarize yourself on the proper wear and appearance of a military uniform. Otherwise, you’ll end up being famous…like the twatwaffle in the following video.

The video starts out with the fat-ass purple-haired bitch swaggering her way into Walmart all tough and shit, until she suddenly realizes she’s being followed….by none other than an actual Soldier. It isn’t until the purple-haired freak turns around that you then realize everything else that’s fucked up about her. Not only is she a complete fatass with gauged ears, but her ACU jacket is completely unzipped, no headgear…. and just WHAT THE FUCK is that red patch where the rank should be???

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Let’s make her famous!!!



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  1. For you all that think it’s funny that she’s wearing that and actually believing she’s in the army or whatever, y’all are wrong. People actually do go and die for us and if you wear things like that and act like you are and not actually in it should get in trouble. Women and men risks their lives to defend for our country. Stop doing stupid things and people won’t judge you or say things that you don’t want to hear.