What Sheriff Joe Arpaio is Doing to our Incarcerated Veterans Gaining National Attention


The horror that is Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. He is just such an awful man. What’s wrong with him? Seriously, what is up with someone who wants illegal aliens arrested and deported? What is wrong with a guy who thinks manual labor is just that, and not sitting around playing tiddly-winks in the common area of a jail?

What is wrong with Sheriff Arpaio that he thinks our veterans deserve some dignity and respect despite some minor run in with the law?  According to the GOOD Sheriff, “We owe the veteran and special debt of gratitude, even after their issues with the law.”

As part of rehabilitating soldiers that are incarcerated under his watch, some with problems inclusive of PTSD, Sheriff Arpaio will be implementing MASH visits to the inmates. The MASH stands for Maricopa Animal Save Haven. It is the Hyatt Regency of dog facilities, fully air conditioned, with 24/7/365 care for the furry four-leggeds that live there.

That Arpaio guy just sucks, doesn’t he? Animal Lover. Just what American needs, a Veteran loving, compassionate conservative law enforcement officer, who has goes the extra step to rescue abused animals, and turn them into therapy dogs. The insanity just won’t stop. What is a libtard to do?

So, yes, the MASH unit will now be visiting our soldiers who happen to be doing time in the Maricopa County Jail system. The MASH unit is cared for and loved on by female inmates, and will now get the joys of running with the big dogs in the big house. That big house is the special Veterans Pod, where Arpaio works hard to make their transition back into society with some companionship and therapy (ultimately, all but the “disciplinarian” problem inmates will get to interact with MASH).

Man’s Best Friend can do wonders on a soul. In addition, it is Arpaio’s hope that the love extended from veteran to dog will help the animal heal, as the poor beasts come from abusive backgrounds and are damaged in their hearts, as well.

Sheriff Arpaio has tapped into something that is sure to be special, and hopefully will revolutionize how our criminal justice system works behind bars, particularly with respect to our vets who are having a hard time transitioning back into civilian society.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighters]

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