Refu-Jihadi Sets Asylum Center ON FIRE: Paints Something DISGUSTING on Walls to Frame Right Wingers


Taqiyya.  The art of lying. It is completely condoned and encourage by Sharia Law. This is a foundational underpinning of Jihadists worldwide. Such practice knows no limits. In fact one Syrian RefuJihadi took it too its extreme and set a German refugee facility on fire. He also spray painted swastikas all over the place…because he is a retard.

If he knew any history, he would know that Jihadists weren’t exactly hated by the Führer. He really could not have cared less about the “apes,” but they were Jew Haters like himself, so all was well in the Third Reich and Middle East. Of course, he had plans for them too. He had plans for the world and trust that the Arabs held no special place in his heart, Jew Hater or not. They were bound for the showers and the ovens too, if he had had the chance.

Anyway… the RefuJihadi lit a German asylum place on fire, while 26 fellow Mus1ms and aid workers were inside. In painting the swastikas it was his taqiyaa attempt at blaming Germans. Proof positive this radical religion gives a goat’s behind about their own. Poor Rape-U-Jihadi had lost all “hope for the future.”  What an ever loving murderous moron a-hole. Too bad he did not take a page from his Musl1m brethren in Greece and self-immolate instead. Then the German justice system wouldn’t have to house him in jail, and the world wouldn’t have watch re-runs of that nation’s stupidity.

The German people are ever so grateful for Angela “come slaughter my people” Merkel, and her benevolence at welcoming the enemy into the European Union’s gates. Germany alone has taken in 1.1-Million Rapeugees…that they and we know about, that is. We have seen the filth, the violence, the rapes of all ages, genders, animals, vegetables, and minerals, not to mention murder, terrorist attacks, and everything else disgustingly devastating that comes along with them.

We DO NOT want this garbage coming over here. Trust that fire lighting will be least of our concerns. Moderate Musl1ms need to stand up and stand with the rest of us and say no to the wackjobs infiltrating their faith. If they don’t, they chart the course for their own demise, as well as that of everybody else. Then whose gonna protect them?

H/T [Pamela Geller]

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