BREAKING: THOUSANDS of People MOB Capitol Hill, Over 400 Arrested.. Here’s What We Know


Thousands of Left-wing whack jobsjust stormed Capitol Hill to protest in one of what will be manyDemocracy Spring protests planned in Washington this week by a coalition of Soros-backed hate groups.Americas Freedom Fightersreports that”Thedemonstrators chanted slogans like one person, one vote and money out of politics as they sat on the East Front of the Capitol. One sign read Things go better without Koch, a reference to the billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch, who have promised to lead an almost $900 million campaign to back favored candidates this election cycle.”

The protestorsare made up of more than 100 left-wing organizations Move On, AFL-CIO, National Organization for women and other left/Communist organizations, and are protesting State voter ID laws, Democratic “superdelegates,” money in politics, and fighting to allow illegal immigrants to vote.

Police have led hundreds away in handcuffs. As of right now, over 400 people have been arrested for unlawful demonstration activity. Funny how the narrative would be completely different if it was a crowd of Muslims or Black Lives Matter activists protesting.

H/T[Americas Freedom Fighters

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