One popular child’s activity turns out to not be as safe as we previously thought. One very popular attraction that is very common to see at children’s birthday parties are bounce-houses, which are the seemingly safe, giant inflatable trampoline-like structures that usually keep kids entertained for hours on end. But as it would turn out, these fun contraptions come with a very serious unseen risk to the children that are playing in them.


After attending a birthday party, Brenda Sanderson’s 10-year-old son started breaking out in a series of very odd sores all over his body. Mrs. Sanderson initially wrote these sores off as just being burns from being in contact with the hot plastic, but after a trip to the doctor, her worst fears were confirmed.

The sores on her sons body became increasingly worse and worse, growing in size and oozing pus. Upon medical inspection, it was confirmed that the boy had contracted a severe staph infection from playing in the contaminated bounce house that had been poorly cleaned after thousands of sweaty children had played in it. Staph infections can easily turn into a deadly situation if not treated properly.


“It is like a wrestling mat. Staph infections come from a gym or something that’s not being washed or cleansed properly will start to create a bacteria,” the doctor said.

These bounce houses, which are typically rented out for parties, are routinely inspected for safety, but cleanliness is not a required part of the inspection. Keeping the inflatables sanitized is solely up to the owners.

Before deciding to rent one of these structures, it would be a good idea to check with the owner about their cleaning procedures to ensure that you are keeping your children safe from encountering these devastating consequences. If your child suddenly begins to develop strange sores after coming in contact with one of these at a party, seek immediate medical attention.. It could end up saving their life.

H/T[Conservative Tribune]


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