If you do not know who Dinesh D’Souza is, let me introduce him to you.


Dinesh D’Souza is an award winning filmmaker, writer, and scholar. He is well known for his documentaries 2016: Obama’s America and America: Imagine The World Without Her (see trailers below if you have not seen these documentaries). He is also an amazing debater and has been going to various universities to debate the terrorist known as, Bill Ayers, on the topic of Amercian exceptionalism. Most recently, he is pretty well known for being a target of the Obama Administration, by being arrested and spending time behind bars for illegal political contributions to a 2012 United States Senate campaign, a felony under U.S. law. He did plead guilty, but the important point is, he was specifically targeted by Obama and his henchmen (click here to read more), while others who engage in similar practices have been left alone.

D’Souza was born in Mubai, India, and came to the states as an exchange student. He ended up graduating from Dartmouth and from there began his amazing political journey. Most notably, he was a policy analyst in the Reagan White House. He is a Christian, Conservative and true patriot and is never afraid to let these be known.

In his latest masterful piece, he dives deep into the history of the Democratic party leading up to it’s queen bee, Hillary Clinton. Without giving too much away, below is the chilling trailer and is a must watch!  The full documentary will be released in theaters, the week of July 25.

2016: Obama’s America

America: Imagine The World Without Her


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