As a veteran who spent 8 years serving my country, there’s nothing that pisses me off quite like valor-stealing assholes. In the following video, this hillbilly fatass bitch tries to pass herself off not only as a veteran, but goes on to concoct an elaborate ridiculous tale of being an “undercover Army private Special Forces helicopter pilot” who did “special missions flying Apaches.” [SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR VIDEO]

When asked what unit she served in for 10 years, she comes up with the excuse that it is “classified” because of all the apparent top secret squirrel shit she was doing while hovering around in her Apache helicopter as a Special Forces Soldier.

“I can’t talk about it,” she says repeatedly when prodded about her unit from the Marine who is filming the video. 

Watch the insanity ensue:

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My gawd. At least make your fucking story believable!! Regardless, this bitch needs to be exposed. Let’s make her internet famous!!!


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  1. I’m noone but I know the story when you have a drunk x soldier downing female soldiers than I too would have said anything to shut him up.. Women are damn good soldiers and because one idiot wants to take that away from them. I probably would have said anything to shut him up. And how dare you call someone you don’t know names or know the story behind what he said pryorvto recording what he just wanted people to hear. The truth might surprise people that don’t know the truth. Suzanne peters