Lawrence Brown, Public Health Department Professor at Morgan State University in Baltimore, is hell-bent on spreading his racist teachings that claim Black Americans are still segregated, controlled by White Supremacists, and still suffering from the effects of slavery. Due to the oppression that the White Man is still inflicting, Professor Brown is demanding that all African Americans receive monetary reparations for the pain caused by the evil White Devil.


His brilliant solution to this problem? He wants all white people to take their “unearned” white privilege money out of their banks and distribute it immediately into the accounts of black Americans. Apparently in his opinion, every white American who is alive today is directly responsible for causing slavery, and they all need to PAY UP.


For a “professional” who claims to fight against racism, he sure is stirring the pot for his own benefit. Check out another one of his Twitter posts, where he says that Jesus’ crucifixion was nothing more than a bunch of white people lynching a “bronze-skinned” man.


This man’s message is riddled with misguided hatred. The worst part of all, is that this is a Professor at a public university who is imparting these values into the young pliable minds of the next generation. The only thing that this man is doing is perpetuating a sense of division among all Americans. United we stand, but divided we will fall.

H/T[The Liberty Standard]

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