Interactive U.S. Map Shows Locations of Radical Mosques in America: Are You Near One?


There are nearly 2,500 to 3,100 mosques located in the United States. Since 9/11, 80% of those mosques have been established, with a new mosque being built every week. California alone has over 500, while Texas has over 300. Not surprisingly, 80% of the mosques in the United States are controlled by the Muzlim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization whose goal is to bring [email protected] Law to every corner of America.

To look at a map of the more known ‘radical‘ mosques, visit this article.

Interactive U.S. Map Pinpoints All The Locations of Radical Mosques in the Country

Since 9/11, terrorism has been greatly on the rise in the United States and FBI Director, James Comey, told Congress that there are nearly 1,000 active 1S1S investigations being done in every state and that they are completely overwhelmed. It is only going to get worse as the United States ‘welcomes’ over 100,000 muzzies into the country annually and not to mention the thousands flooding the borders, unaccounted for. All experts agree on this.

According to WND, who has been in contact with 1slamic experts and former 1slamic sand flees, this is NOT an 1S1S issue alone. It is an 1slamic ideology issue and mosques are ground zero for the indoctrination of of young minds.

Dr. Mark Christian
Dr. Mark Christian

Dr. Mark Christian, is a former child imam who’s father was a Muzlim Brotherhood operative. Dr. Christian fled his homeland in Egypt and converted to Christianity. He now is the founder and president of the Global Faith Institute. Their purpose is to educate Americans about what 1slam truly is about. Dr. Christian, had memorized most of the Koran by age 14 and being one who knows what is actually in it, says:

Christian, now 44 and living in Nebraska under the threat of a fatwa, said “the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies don’t understand the source of 1slamic violence. They have focused for years on learning about the ties of individual Muzlms to groups like al-Qaida or 1S1S when in fact they should be going to mosques and learning about the Quran and hadiths. All the answers are there, in the texts and in the mainstream 1slamic interpretations of the texts, if they would only look.” [emphasis by me]

Most Americans, including law enforcement and our own government (except maybe Obama and his muzzie brothers), have no idea what is being taught in mosques. Most Americans only hear what they are told – propaganda about how 1slam is peaceful and there are only a small amount of jihadists and well, those are not ‘real muzlims’.

“The problem is you have law enforcement agents walking into a mosque but they are looking for the wrong thing,” he said. “They are trying to monitor mosques (back when they were allowed to do that before President Obama) to try to find dirt and what they will find is people seeking spiritual salvation, something all of us will look at as an honorable thing, but they are missing the ticking bomb. The key is in how the Muzlim finds his salvation.”

He is basically saying that not all 1slamic terrorists, or those called to kill infidels are ISIS members, nor do they look like what you expect 1slamic camel jockeys to look like that go to mosques. For example, the 9/11 terrorists appeared as regular non-religious people who did drugs, drank and hung out at strip bars. They blended in with society as to prevent suspicion. This is commonly called Muruna which allows muzlims to blend in with their enemies and surroundings. We see this from 1slamists all over the country – you know, those ‘peaceful, moderate’ Mohammed followers. Do not be fooled. They all follow one ideology – 1slam and the koran.

Dr. Christian also breaks down the different types of Muzlims. You can read this incredibly informative piece along with further information about this ticking bomb, by clicking HERE.


There is a very real reason why Ted Cruz called for patrols in muzlim neighborhoods. THAT is where future terrorist are hiding and be harbored by those so-called ‘moderate peaceful’ muzlims. They are found in the mosques and learning about ways to kill non-muzlims. While I agree with Cruz on this, as Dr. Christian said above, Americans must learn about 1slam and study the koran in order to understand what is happening in muzlim communities.

To all the Islamic rug riders reading this, here in the United States, you are out-numbered, out-gunned and we have bigger balls than you. You shall not ever conquer, but you may get to visit your virgins sooner than you hoped for.



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[H/T Jews News and WND]


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