Watch this Black Woman Go APE SHIT When Cashier Denies Her Cash Back With EBT Card


One of Obama’s finest came out to play in what I wish I could say was a rare occasion. This welfare queen in all of her glory berated this cashier putting in an honest days work, simply because he would not give her cash along with her food stamp card purchase. This woman seems to believe that taxpayers owe her so much more than what already is being thrown her way.

The age of entitlement is only worsening with all of the programs put in place to help the ‘less fortunate’ but it seems to only help the lazy. In the video she yells at the cashier who stands his ground against this psychotic piece of filth as she hurls insults and screams “shut this b**ch down” and that she is “switching the game up.”

Let us know in the comments what you guys think about this crazy welfare queen.

H/T[US Herald]

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