WATCH: A-hole Kellogg’s Worker Unzips Pants And Does THIS To Millions of Cornflakes


In this self-filmed video, what appears to be a very disgruntled Kellogg’s Cereal factory worker proceeds to relieve himself all over a conveyor belt of corn flakes. Standing above the moving conveyor belt that is transporting thousands of pounds of cereal, he unzips his pants and begins to urinate for over 20 seconds onto the breakfast treat that is then boxed and shipped out to thousands of unsuspecting Americans.

At the 0:27 mark, the man pans the video upwards and the Kellogg’s logo can clearly be seen on the side of the machine. According to Daily Mail, the video was shot at an American facility, but it is unclear which one. Kellogg’s has factories in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Battle Creek, Michigan, Omaha, Nebraska, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Kellogg Company spokesman Kris Charles said: “Kellogg takes this situation very seriously and is shocked and outraged by this video. We have alerted law enforcement authorities and regulators, and are conducting a thorough investigation.”

So the next time someone asks you the question “who pissed in your cornflakes?” you can respond by showing them this video.

H/T[Daily Mail]

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