Hot Girls in Bikinis Pose For a Pic, There’s Just 1 DISGUSTING Problem: Can You Spot it?


With warmer weather and summer fast approaching, get ready for all the pictures of girls in bikinis. You all are probably so used to seeing bikini-clad hotties all over the internet that you barely even take a second glance at most of the pictures. But this is one of those pictures that is worth a second look.

This picture has been shared all over the internet and people have been baffled by what all the talk is about. Surely it’s just the typical spring break or summer photo.  Many began looking in the background behind the eight women sporting bikini’s in an attempt to find what is so different in this picture.


Nothing amiss in the trees or in the rocks. What could it be you may ask. No, it is not the topless woman either. Don’t feel bad there have been many people unable to pinpoint what it is. I’ll give you a hint. Look at the ‘girl’ in the middle.


If she looks to be a little masculine it’s because, well, that is totally a dude. Although he rocked the pink bikini pretty well, I think swim trunks would be a better more appropriate look for him in the next group photo.

H/T[Mad World News]

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