Guy In Drag Sneaks Into Women’s Restroom, Does Something DISGUSTING as People Pee


California’s push for unisex and gender neutral restrooms has many shaking their heads, mainly because any sane and rational person can see the implications that could arise. With so many sick wack jobs roaming this planet, the proposed idea will only fail miserably. Here is a wonderful example of what is to come.

In Los Angeles, in a department store a man hid for hours in a bathroom stall in the women’s restroom. The man, Jason Pomare, 33, disguised himself as a woman. Pomare was armed with a wig, fake breast, and a concealed camera. He spend hours recording the women as they did their lady business, and was only discovered when one woman noticed the red light on the camera that indicated the camera was recording. The woman promptly reported the incident to the department stores security office who in turn contacted the local police department. When police arrived, they noticed a person matching the description leaving the store. Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputies said that when they finally caught up with Pomare, he was hiding in a mall storage unit, wearing a wig and appeared to have breast.

After Pomares’ arrest deputies found a camera in hidden in his purse that had hours of video showing women using the department stores restroom. Pomare has been charged with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification.

Now if this isn’t a great argument against unisex bathrooms, I don’t know what is! If a pervert like this did not respect these women’s privacy in a women’s only restroom what is going to stop people like Pomare from doing the same in a unisex restroom where he is legally welcome.

H/T[NBC Los Angeles]

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