4 Year Old Takes a Sip of Her Brother’s Juice… Now She is Dead


Mother of two, Jeri Quezada, and her boyfriend, Charles Phifer, who were habitual users of heroin, are facing homicide charges in the beating death of Quezada’s 4-year-old daughter, Leiliana Wright. According to the arrest warrant, the couple brutally beat the child with a belt and a bamboo rod after discovering that she had drank her little brother’s juice.

Leiliana Wright, 4-years-old
Leiliana Wright, 4-years-old

Quezada left the girl with her boyfriend while she took her 18-month-old son to go run errands because she couldn’t take the toddler out into public with facial bruising. An ambulance was called on March 13 due to the child not breathing. When police arrived, they discovered that the child had been beaten from head to toe and had severe bruising all over her body. Initially the mother told authorities that she had fallen in the shower, but her story changed several times, also stating that she had gotten the bruises after coming home from playing at a friend’s house.

Jeri Quezada, Charles Philfer
Jeri Quezada, Charles Philfer

Eventually the truth came out and Quezada admitted to beating the child to death. She told police that she had come home to find that her daughter had been tied up by her boyfriend and left in a closet. The girls wrists were tied behind her back and she was propped up against something that prevented her from sitting down.

She claimed that she left the girl tied up in the closet so she could shoot heroine because she “didn’t want her to see mommy use drugs.” Quezada said she hit the girl in the mouth and on the back of the head because she was having trouble swallowing her food. At one point, Philfer threw the little girl so hard against the closet wall, that it left an indentation on the drywall.

Charles Philfer was taken into custody on Friday for injury to a child on a $1 million bond. Quezada remains in the Grand Prairie Jail on a $500,000 bond, also charged with injury to a child.

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