Michelle Obama Invites Iranian Terrorists to White House for a Great Big Party


The White House, more specifically, Michelle Obama will be hosting the Nowruz holiday again this year. In 2015 the White House hosted a Nowruz celebration, where Michelle Obama went on a long winded speech about Americans needing to embrace other religions and cultures, as long as it’s not Christianity it seems. The spectacle won’t be about anything other than kissing up to the women-oppressing, homosexual-murdering Islamic theocrats in Iran who have only three goals: 1) Get a nuclear weapon. 2) Use that weapon to wipe out Israel and America. 3) Jump into a pile of 72 virgins.

Nowruz, signifies the Iranian New Year and apparently they also have resolutions. I’m sure their resolutions are nowhere near as harmless as the American tradition of drink less, weight loss, quitting smoking and ect.

If Michelle Obama feels that Americans need to have more cultural and religious tolerance, then why isn’t she also hosting things such as the Amish Christmas? Oh yes, that pesky Christianity thing again. The Obama’s are a disgrace to this country and the constant ass kissing of every Islamic country has reached beyond old. I personally can not wait to send these Muslim’s packing.

Here’s a video of Barrack Obama being the wonderful ass kisser that he is.


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