THOUSANDS of Terrorists Are Flooding into America, Here’s the SNEAKY Way They’re Doing It

Are you aware of the fact that THOUSANDS of potential terrorists are pouring over our borders?

Terrorists Are Sneaking Over The Border
Terrorists Are Sneaking Over The Border

Are you aware of the fact that THOUSANDS of potential terrorists are pouring over our borders?  These people, “special interest aliens,” translated to mean “highly likely to be Jihadis or terrorists” originate from “35 Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries associated with terrorist groups,” as report by Theodore Shoebat.

One of these terrorist freaks was a member of the terrorist group al-Shabaab. Remember them? They attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya back on September 21, 2013*. The place that became a horror show to end all horror shows—children turned into pin cushions for swords and knives and stuffed into freezers to finish dying. How about the reports of parents being strung up and having to watch, helplessly, while their children were screaming for them to save them, while being raped, eyes gouged out, and noses cut off, before being not-mercifully killed.  Men castrated and fingers torn off before being hung. People were hung by meat hooks through the neck and eviscerated. The rescuers and first-responders had to have PTSD treatment following their recovery operation. The al-Shabaab…evolutionarily stunted dead-end branch on the tree of life in desperate need of some pruning. Those freaks.

At least 439 illegals and terrorists from one of the terror sprawling cesspool countries indicated above have crossed into our borders between November 2013 and July 2014. That number represents only those observed and we all know damn well plenty of illegals, to the tune of 11.1Million+ have managed to get into this country undetected over the years.

So, what are we doing about it? What we always do about when it comes to the holier than thou Muslims-NOTHING. God forbid our ICE and Border Patrol practice a little IslamoFAUXbic profiling!

Add drug cartels to this picture and you get the idea. In fact, think about this for a minute. Theodore Shoebat conducts interviews from time to time with Jorge Vasquez, and man who is fighting against the demonic drug cartels of Mexico. Jorge reports that a cartel came into a Guerrero village of Catholic Christians. They told the villages to get out and when they didn’t the cartel drug a 14-year old boy into the center of the crowd and “Ritually cut out the heart and presented the heart to everone in the village in a pagan ritual,” reports Shoebat.

Our borders are Swiss cheese. There are so many holes in them it is not even funny. AND, like a good Jihadi terrorist, our president has tied the hands of our Border Patrol and ICE behind their backs, which is why they can’t profile, they can’t detain, can’t arrest, have to provide water fountains, re-homing facilities, and the like.

We DO NOT want a Westgate attack here. WE MUST STOP THIS!!

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H/T [Shoebat]

*To learn more about the carnage of Westgate: H/T [Daily Mail]

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