Charlie Daniels’ Latest 13-Word Tweet Is Making Special Snowflake College Libtards FURIOUS


Don’t you just love Charlie Daniels? Remember this is the guy you had a fiddling duel with the Devil, and won, so we are not talking about a wussie man. He pretty much calls it like he sees it, and he is seeing some serious pussification among our college youth. What he had to say has not been taken too kindly by the “safe spaces” generation.

One of the uber-retarded, and most likely a college student, replied with, “Hey racist, picking cotton was typically not a paid position.”

Bwahahaha! The irony of that comment is just awesome. “Safe Space” doesn’t get it that his/her parents are “picking cotton” and not getting paid for he/she to pick a safe-space Twitter fight with someone. RETARDED.

Then, of course, there is the classic Democrat Liberal Left-Wing hater, a Geriatric-ophobic (if that’s a word), who had the nerve to say that it is Daniel’s generation that has brought such trouble upon us all and they should, “shut up & die already…”  Again, RETARDED.

You can’t fix stupid, and you can’t fix retarded, so perhaps we should consider rounding up all of these college un-educated youth, and dropping their prissy butts in a kiddy playpen, out in a cotton field somewhere so they can whine and “pick” fights among their not-so-tolerant selves in a “safe space.”

H/T [Clash Daily]

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