This Thing Is Insanely Massive. You Have To See This.

800 lb 15 ft gator
Tiny little thing isn't it

Weighing in at nearly 800-pounds and measuring close to 15-feet long, this monster gator was captured and killed by Okeechobee resident Lee Lightsey.

Folks over at Outwest Farms, Inc. say this gator kept feasting on their cattle on the farm.

800 lb 15 ft gator
Tiny little thing isn’t it

Outwest Farms says this is the biggest alligator catch yet. “Lee Lightsey and I had the pleasure of doing a guided gator hunt this morning and killed the largest gator we have ever killed in the wild!! He measured out at just under 15 foot!! Congratulations to Chris and Derek on their monster!!!

And to set the record, the gator hunters say, nope! That picture is not ‘photoshopped.’

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