WTF: GUESS How Many ISIS Supporters Are STILL Working at the Brussels Airport?


This is how a Left-Wing liberal country handles a terrorist attack on their airport…they leave a known minimum of 50+ ISIS supporters, sympathizers, and/or possible members working at the same airport. Because…ISLAMO-FAUXBIA.


How retarded is that? Oh, wait, we are the country with the TSA and the fixation on shoes, little bottles of shampoo and your Starbucks coffee that can’t take through the check point 5 f***ing feet from where you bought it (Well played, Starbucks and TSA…job security).

So, yeah, it turns out that the two terrorist brothers, Ibrahim and Khalid-el-Bakraoui, worked at the airport. According to their “anonymous” uncle (how does that work?), “They worked cleaning at the airport and in a restaurant. They didn’t finish high school in the end. They cleaned the airport in the summer months.”

Here is the real kicker—the Belgian law enforcement had warned the government that they believed an attack was imminent. The government did nothing. Four days later, BOOM! A lot of people died and a nation sits in terror. A nearby train station and train car was blown to bits. A security guard for a Brussels nuclear facility was murdered in his own home, and his identification for the facility stolen. Hmmm… wonder who did that? Could it be the known ISIS that lives in his neighborhood?

Can we give a round of applause to the Belgian interior ministry? They have, and continue to endanger their entire nation. Be on the lookout for a mushroom cloud in the coming months or years. Surely ISIS has no plans to let that one go.

H/T [Clash Daily]

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