MUST SEE: Former Army Drill Sergeant RIPS Obama’s NUTS OFF in a Rant that’s going Viral!!

Drill Sgt Rant
Drill Sgt Rant
Army Drill Sgt Rant Goes Viral
Army Drill Sgt Rant Goes Viral

John Burk, former Drill Sergeant. Remember that name. Thisformer Army drill sergeant RIPS Obama’s NUTS OFF in a Rant.If you want a warrior to stand up to Obama and his lackey pussified wussies from the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs, right on down to military bases, this is the guy for you. He is NOT PC. He doesnt have to be. He is retired and he can run his mouth and share his opinion like he sees fit, and boy does he!

How dare you bunch of f***ing cowards in uniform! You are whats wrong with the Army.

Do you know what Red Phase Basic Training is? I didnt. So, here is the summary of what Drill Sergeant Burk describes Red Phase as. You enlist, you go to basic training, and you are locked down and out from the world so that you can figure out real quick that your Drill Sergeant is GOD, for the next 8-16 weeks.

It would seem that our Privates are now getting patches for completing this part of their military career.

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The inward decay of the militaryRANT. Active duty military members can’t say this or they risk getting into trouble, so I’ll say it for them because I will use this platform to bring to light the issues our men and women face that are doing their best to train and lead while having their hands tied behind their backs. I’m ashamed for what our military is turning into. The decaying of the military from the “give everyone a trophy” leaders that are fucking everything up, and creating an environment of weakness and softness. IT’S THE MILITARY! WE ARE NOT THE FUCKING BOY SCOUTS! OUR JOB IS TO KILL AND TRAIN SOLDIERS TO KILL.Daniel A. Dailey, this is the exact reason why the Army is losing good soldiers that take with them the combat experience they need to pass down to younger soliders so that the mistakes we made in Iraq and Afganistan won’t be made again.

Posted by John Burk on Thursday, March 31, 2016

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What the F***? Are they Boy Scouts? Girl Scouts? Whats next a Campfire Patch, a Knot Patch, a Cookie Sales Patch? Is our military serious?

Why yes, yes they are. Participation awards are the newest thing for recruits. Wear it proudly, I guess. I am sure ISIS will be impressed with it on the battlefield. Needless to say, as Sergeant Burk says our military is suffering Inward Decay because, and here Burk begins to rock-and-roll;

You political leaders that are wearing those uniforms are whats wrong with the f***ing military. You continue to sit there and make them go through these damn power point slides on mental resilience and mental strength, meanwhile you are training them up to be pussies.


Suicide rates are sky high, a 15-year war is too long. The next generation will NOT be mentally prepared for war.

This is not the civilian world. We are the Army. We are the military. And now its come to the point where its a f**ing embarrassment that youre no longer training men. You are training politically correct slave drones, is what you are doing. They need to be taught to fight to survive and to be able to handle themselves on the battlefield. And not be given a participation trophy simply to make themselves feel good.


Hes right. Our leaders need to pull their heads out of their a**es.

Is it really any wonder what [sic} other nations militaries look at us and say, Damn, yall have become a bunch of f***ing pussies.

Even our soldiers recognize it and they are retiring as soon as they can. We used to be a nation of might. Now we are a nation of participation awards.

Because politically correct idiots have now infiltrated our ranks, and you care too much about what people think, and NOT F***ing STANDING UP FOR WHATS RIGHT!

We used to be a nation of might. Now, we are a nation of participation awards.

Thank you Sergeant Burke for your service, while in the Army and now!


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