DISTURBING VIDEO: Goat Fkrs March in Germany, Threaten to KILL EVERYONE and….


So this happened 2 days ago.  The Refu-Jihadis, Rape-U-Jihadis and Rape-Ugees, Turkish Nationalists, whatever, took to the streets of Germany. The Religion of Pieces parade down a city street chanting,

“With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You!”

What they should have added was with Merkel’s help, we shall conquer you.

Germany, has been so stupid. They have put the world at risk with their “feelings.” They and their EU neighbors have opened the door to a tidal wave of blood that will sweep the world, just as it has done repeatedly over the centuries. In doing so, they have brought about a Holocaust that will be on-par, if it does not exceed, what their nation did in the past.

They have fallen to the Caliphate.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

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