Beer Made From Vagina Sugar Walls
Alexandra Brendlova European Sugar Walls Vagina Beer

If there are two things that men love in this world, make no mistake: they are beer and vaginas. Many a happy lifetime memory has been forged with these two things.

A new brewing company Order of Yoniis introducing a beer that is made from vaginas. Yes, you read that correctly. Vaginas…

Their beer is partially made from the essence of a woman’s vagina, or better known as vaginal lactic acid bacteria. The first batch of beer is being made from the lactic acid bacteria of an smoking hot Czech model Alexandra Brendlovwho is rumored to have one of Europe’s finest tasting sugarwalls.

Smoking Hot European Sugarwalls

We were looking for an inspiration, a model who is both beautiful, charming girl and intelligent, eloquent woman, Wojtek Mann, the founder of the company, told us. I really appreciate her way of speaking, and I find her body language, the way she walks, very sexual.

Alexandra Brendlova

But before you go and trying to order online, there some financial aspects that remain to be addressed. Order of Yonis InieGoGopage has risen only 279 out of 150,000 goal.

Alexandra Brendlova

If you decide to donate, Mann offers you to taste your own girlfriend only for 10,000. Youll get a voucher for 60 bottles of beer produced on your girlfriends vaginal bacteria.

Alexandra Brendlova
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